2 posts published in September 2022

I'm nervous about networking!

September 4, 2022

Hi, lovely people, does the word ‘networking’ strike fear in your heart? If yes, well, you’re not alone. Let me tell you about my delightful client, Norm. Sweet and shy, a man of the monosyllable, a man who, at the word ‘networking’, suddenly developed an extraordinary fascination with the exit door. The conversation went thus:

Norm: ‘Not comfortable talking to strangers, don’t even talk to my wife, don’t know any people, don’t like to invade other people’s privacy.’

Jane: Norm, you’re not...

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Cover letters, who reads 'em?

September 4, 2022

'Cover letters? Seriously, does anyone read a cover letter these days?’ asked my lovely candidate Liam. ‘Well, that depends on how keen you are to make a fabulous first impression,’ I responded. Our conversation continued…

Liam: OMG Jane, coffee, shopping and wine dates with my mates, so busy, no time to write cover letters! Isn’t my resume sufficient if it’s already proving I can meet the role expectations?

Jane: You’ve been networking; go you! Sure your Resume and LinkedIn profile will...

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