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Got a minute?

October 19, 2014

I'm oft surprised by the number of work force professionals challenged by the thought of online personal branding...'I don't like to talk about myself', 'I'm a private person', 'I've more important things to do'. The future is digital folk and it's time we embraced it.

'But why? What does all this digital business mean?'

It means dedicated webpages replacing traditional resumes; LinkedIn membership volume and currency replacing Rolodexes; WhatsApp and other messaging apps replacing phone...

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Dealing with Digital Dirt

November 1, 2014

We love our social media right?

We also know that no matter how rigid our privacy settings, once published a post remains forever in cyberspace. Before hitting the publish button we now ask ourselves – could posting that photo of my Tequila fueled friend dancing naked on a late night cocktail bar potentially damage her reputation? Or mine for being so thoughtless? Would my offhand response to that political hot potato negatively reframe me in the eyes of others? Would that angry, revengeful...

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Move over George Orwell

December 5, 2014

You're in the job market, resume's looking good and you're now waiting for the recruiter to call. Chances are they're busy checking out your online presence. Did you know that 98% of recruiters will view your LinkedIn profile before they meet you? What's more it's standard for hiring managers and recruiters to check out your Facebook and Twitter profiles as well. Yes...the tech savvy are now using sophisticated technology to piece together a bigger picture of your profile. Sounding a tad too...

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