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Go ahead! Make my (work) day!

July 9, 2014

Deadlines, deadlines, work harder, more efficiently, step up that productivity, make the most of every hour, focus on urgent and important, important not urgent, focus, focus! It's no wonder we feel exhausted by Tuesday, celebrate hump day Wednesday, hoover Crispy Cremes Thursday and yearn for a wine or five Friday.

Thing is, we read numerous hints and tips for maximizing productivity, less so about maintaining our mental health. I've always found navigating that fine line between...

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Six tips from the bedroom...

June 14, 2015

Do you seriously love your bed? I do too. And that’s OK. You see, that bed of yours is not just a place for snoozing, Netflix marathons and mobile chats with your posse - your mecca of relaxation can also be home to self-improvement, productivity, and spiritual wellbeing.

For me, soft lighting, scented candles, Angus & Julia Stone on rotation, crisp fresh sheets post bubble bath...well that's my ultimate relaxation at the end of a challenging day. Lingering that extra 30 minutes next...

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To-Do Lists v Soul Satisfiers

July 20, 2015

I have a ‘to-do’ list. It’s stored on a tidy little app called Reminders’ that follows me across all my devices serving as constant…well…’reminders’. The angel sitting on my left shoulder gently chides…tick off those pesky ‘to-do’ items and you can have your chilled Champers reward sweetheart. Her arch nemesis on the other swishes his tail and mutters ‘Nah!…pour those bubbles girlfriend, the list can wait!

Tired of listening to the two of them bickering, I realised drastic measures were...

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Top 10 Productivity Hacks Right Here

March 8, 2019

Hey there lovely clients, how's the year been thus far? Stupendous? Tremendous? Crazy? Lazy? Mine saw us spinning wildly out of control before finally settling into a state of gentle chaos – triggering a determined focus on streamlining productivity and restoring work/life balance (roll on holidays!). And I bet I’m not alone.

Thing is, after years spent dedicated to finding ways to do more and be more productive, it’s no secret that we’re all now trying to do the opposite and regain...

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