Happy New Year lovely clients! A regular reader recently queried ‘Hey Miss Jane, where’s my usual fortnightly motivational fix?’ Guiltily, I confessed that I’d been off the air searching for a new focus in line with the blog’s ideals. A client who knows me well queried ‘This is a fabulous service you deliver, why aren’t you sharing the love on your blog?' Voila! The solution – your focus for 2019? A kick-ass career!

Whether looking to enhance your existing career, considering a total career change or transitioning through redundancy to your next, you’ll have questions. The following are just a few of the many I field on a typical day, how I help in response and what I’ll be sharing over the coming months:

"I hate my job!"

  • (Strategies for finding a new one)
  • My redundancy left me shattered! Hints for bouncing back
  • I don’t know what I want to do next? Identifying options

"What makes me employable?"

  • (Finding key strengths)
  • I want to enjoy my next job. Aligning cultural preferences, values and needs
  • How do I define my personal brand? Determining your uniqueness

What about my resume?

  • (Writing a kick-ass targeted resume)
  • I’m not on LinkedIn. Creating a fabulous profile
  • And cover letters? Cracking the code

"How do I tap into the hidden market?"

  • (Sneaking in the back door)
  • I’m scared of Networking! Conquering the fear
  • I’m not comfortable selling myself! Nailing that elevator pitch

"How do I keep my strategy on track?"

  • (Building Action plans)
  • I’m nervous about interviewing! Corralling the butterflies
  • I love my job, and want to stay. Tips for future proofing

Just a few of the many questions we’ll conquer, any to add? Please drop a line in the comments box.