I have a ‘to-do’ list. It’s stored on a tidy little app called Reminders’ that follows me across all my devices serving as constant…well…’reminders’. The angel sitting on my left shoulder gently chides…tick off those pesky ‘to-do’ items and you can have your chilled Champers reward sweetheart. Her arch nemesis on the other swishes his tail and mutters ‘Nah!…pour those bubbles girlfriend, the list can wait!

Tired of listening to the two of them bickering, I realised drastic measures were required STAT!

If you’re anything like me, I bet you’re not satisfied with your to-do list either. Always growing, never completed, a constant source of stress yet an essential element of both work and leisure…sigh! Well according to entrepreneur Robyn Scott, it doesn’t have to be like this.

Instead of an endless list of tasks, Robyn has a sweet little trick that will completely change how you think about your to-dos. Her suggestion? Make your tasks emotional – create a few categories that appeal to how doing that task makes you feel. For example: “highly helpful” for introductions and advice giving, “basic decency” for thank you notes and keeping promises, or “massive relief” for tax returns and booking travel.

Well I adopted her suggestion. ‘This Week’, This Month’, ‘Today’, ‘Goals’ and other mundane titles that blurred into one endless nag have now morphed into a bunch of fun expectations. ‘Manners Minder‘ takes care of RSVPs, thank you’s, non urgent responses , ‘Reputation Saver‘ for anything legalese, ‘Ass Kicker‘ kicks procrastinator ’roundtuits’ to the curb and ‘Legend Maker‘ deals with bite sized chunks of larger goals. ‘Culture Craver‘ reminds me to book those art, theatre, musical events, ‘Money Grabber‘ tops up the coffers with voucher claims, refunds, tax time and ‘Soul Satisfier‘ reminds me to take time for me – a massage, facial, coffee with a friend.

Alex Cavoulacos ‘A Mind-Blowing New Way to Think About Your To-Do List‘ (The Muse) suggests making the emotion dramatic. Alex uses headings like ‘triumphant,’ and ‘massive relief,’ for she finds this increases the allure. She also experiments with fun and fear – sometimes states or emotions on her list might be positive, at other times she might use terms like ‘avoids physical and psychological meltdown,’ ‘keeps you on the right side of the law.’

Procrastination gone and a satisfying tick against each of my emotionally focused items…oh wait? Did I just hear the gentle popping of a Champagne cork?

Image kindly borrowed from Pinterest posted by My Lovely Diaries Blog