2 posts published in December 2014

Mojo taken a holiday?

December 2, 2014

Ever found your *Mojo quietly sneaking away to an exotic destination while you struggle on with the busyness of life? I did after returning from six months wandering Europe at leisure - schedules, deadlines and accountabilities other than to myself refreshingly absent 'cept for the odd challenge deciphering train schedules and menus...and the thought of that eventual return to normality.

Turns out my Mojo chose to stay on a particularly spectacular little beach on the Côte d'Azur while I...

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Move over George Orwell

December 5, 2014

You're in the job market, resume's looking good and you're now waiting for the recruiter to call. Chances are they're busy checking out your online presence. Did you know that 98% of recruiters will view your LinkedIn profile before they meet you? What's more it's standard for hiring managers and recruiters to check out your Facebook and Twitter profiles as well. Yes...the tech savvy are now using sophisticated technology to piece together a bigger picture of your profile. Sounding a tad too...

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