Hey Miss Jane - About my personal brand message...

June 30, 2021

'Hey Miss Jane - I want to create and articulate my personal brand message, where do I start?'

Let me share a question recently asked by a Chief Financial Officer (CFO) transitioning to his next role. 

'I want to create and articulate my personal brand message, where do I start?'

Good question! If you've been bum up, head down in your company, chances are you've not had a chance to actively nurture and promote your personal brand in the marketplace. Problem is, the minute you leave or...

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Dealing with Zoomin' Fatigue

March 8, 2021

Teams, Zoom, WEBex - I’ve been thinking about our new way of communicating. How many of you have conducted happy hour drinkies with friends, checked in on family, collaborated with work colleagues, the children’s school teachers, and perhaps even your doctor via video call? Most of you I’m sure, for it’s the new norm. And I’m beginning to find it exhausting, aren’t you?

It seems I’m not alone for the feeling has spurred talk of a new psychological affliction: “Zoom fatigue.”Mentions of...

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Cover Letters? Really?

February 19, 2020

Hi, there lovely readers! An avid reader who confessed to enjoying the blog's job-related hints (thank you!) recently asked 'Does anyone bother to read cover letters these days? You've not addressed them in your career management and job search posts, girl?' Well then, read on!

As a career consultant always researching global best practice, I've identified that the biggest mistake many job hunters can make is to skip a cover letter when sending off a resume in response to an application....

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Building a Kick-Butt LinkedIn Profile

September 30, 2019

Hi folk, been enjoying my career tips so far?


Excellent! Now, let’s talk about one of the most critical elements of your personal branding – your online presence.


As the world’s premier networking site, LinkedIn is where people go to check you out. To determine whether you’re worth interviewing for that job opportunity or consider whether they’d like to do business with you. To identify whether you’re worth working/networking with or that you are deserving of that business...

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Why thanks Mr Interviewer!

May 15, 2019

Hi, there lovely readers - a big thank you for following my blog! Oh! And while on the subject of 'thank you's' - let's talk about how valuable a simple thank-you can be in the world of work (after all, this year's focus is on lovin' that career of yours!). To the network friend who interrupted their busy schedule to respond to your question. To your new LinkedIn friend for making the effort to connect with you. To the recruiter who positioned you for an opportunity. To the interviewers who...

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